BANA Press Releases . . .

  1. 2018.08 BANA Publication Announcements

  2. 2018.06 BANA Approves Two Guidance Documents, Announces New Treasurer and Board Members

  3. 2018.03 BANA Announces Spring 2018 Meeting at Los Angeles Airport Marriott

  4. 2017.12 BANA Holds Fall Meeting at Hadley Institute, Approves Region 4 Education Service Center's Application for Membership

  5. 2017.11 BANA Honors Dr. Lawrence R. Smith at Getting in Touch with Literacy Conference

  6. 2017.11 Final Release of Braille Formats, 2016 Now Available on BANA Website!

  7. 2017.10 BANA Announces Fall Meeting at The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

  8. 2017.04 BANA Welcomes New Member Organization and Forms Strategic Plan Work Groups during San Francisco Meeting

  9. 2017.03 BANA Announces Pre-publication Release of Braille Formats 2016

  10. 2017.02 BANA Hosts Music Braille Telephone Conference and Announces Spring Meeting

  11. 2016.12 BANA Takes Action at Fall Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia

  12. 2016.11 Sign Up Now to Participate in Conference Call Focusing on Music Braille Code, 2015!

  13. 2016.10 BANA Announces Fall Meeting in Atlanta, Holds Final UEB Forum

  14. 2016.09 BANA to Hold Final UEB Transition Forum Preceding 2016 APH Annual Meeting

  15. 2016.07 BANA Adopts Guidelines and Hosts ICEB

  16. 2016.06 BANA Music Braille Code, 2015 now available

  17. 2015.11 BANA Holds Fall Meeting in Crystal Lake, IL

  18. 2015.10 BANA Held Its Third UEB Transition Forum in Louisville and Will Hold Fall Meeting November 5–7, 2015

  19. 2015.07 BANA Publishes Provisional Guidance for Transcribing
    Foreign Language Materials in UEB

  20. 2014.11 Implementation of Unified English Braille (UEB)

  21. 2014.10 BANA Offers New Publication—The UEB Reader

  22. 2014.07 New Publication—The ABCs of UEB—Available on BANA Website

  23. 2014.05 BANA Held Spring Meeting in Philadelphia, April 3–5

  24. 2014.03 BANA to Hold 2014 Spring Meeting in Philadelphia, April 3–5

  25. 2014.01 Developers of Tactile Graphics Guidelines and Standards Honored with BANA's Braille Excellence Award

  26. 2013.12 BANA Affirms Date for Implementation of UEB

  27. 2013.11 New Sample Documents in USB Now Available

  28. 2013.10 BANA’S UEB Transition Forum Brings Braille Leaders Together to Plan

  29. 2013.10 BANA to Hold Fall Board Meeting in Louisville, KY

  30. 2013.10 Braille World Loses a Legend

  31. 2013.09 BANA Welcomes Two New Member Organizations and Four New Board Members

  32. 2013.05 Recent Actions: BANA Accepts Two New Member Organizations and Approves Addition to Nemeth Code

  33. 2013.03 BANA to Hold Spring Open Forum at Arlington Public Library

  34. 2013.03 BANA to Hold Spring Board Meeting in Washington, D.C.

  35. 2013.02 BANA Adopts UEB for United States; Elects Officers, Approves Modifications of Nemeth Code and Computer Braille Code

  36. 2012.10 BANA Adopts Unified English Braille (UEB) for the United States

  37. 2012.10 BANA to hold Fall Board Meetings in Los Angeles

  38. 2012.08 BANA to Vote about Braille Code in November

  39. 2012.05 Implementation date set for 2011 Braille Formats

  40. 2012.05 Spring meeting features guest presentations

  41. 2012.04 New release of Braille Formats in three accessible versions

  42. 2012.04 BANA blog welcomes your comments

  43. 2012.03 BANA invites guests to spring board meeting in St. Louis

  44. 2012.02 BANA releases complete article on the Evolution of Braille

  45. 2011.12 BANA Honors Joseph Sullivan with Braille Excellence Award at Getting in Touch with Literacy Conference

UEB Rules and Guidelines from BANA